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About Us

Welcome to Coa Beauty! 

Created by best friends and cofounders Mireya and Wendy, Coa Beauty is a place for independently-owned beauty brands, so often overlooked by large corporations, to really shine. Our goal at Coa Beauty is to celebrate the innovators that are creating amazing products with unrivaled passion by giving them the spotlight they deserve. 

As life long lovers of all things art, makeup and skincare, Mireya and Wendy wanted to get off the beaten path and explore what options lay beyond the mass-produced fare that saturates the beauty industry.  What they found are top-tier products from independent beauty brands that are designed with purpose and thoughtfully sourced. 

After years of researching emergent products and networking in the field with the producers, they now proudly bring you Coa Beauty: A place to explore new brands with exciting insights into beauty and self care. Coa Beauty is steadily growing and always on the search for new brands and products. Keep stopping by for new finds!