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Honey Belle

Honey Belle's mission is to treat a variety of skin issues with natural and organic ingredients.

Each product stems from a certain skin issue or skin complaint people deal with. From acne scarring, to blackheads, to uneven and blotchy complexion, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, chicken skin. Honey Belle's owners consult with a team of holistic doctors (aka mom, dad, and uncle) on their knowledge about herbs and traditional oriental medicine and how certain plants and herbs can promote the healing and overall health of the skin. 

What makes Honey Belle's product different is that when a recipe is born, they’re used by real humans on a daily basis, then constantly tweaked and adjusted until they are perfect. They’re not created by a room full of investors, then in a lab environment with animals; they’re created by real humans, with real love, for an intention of natural healing.

Honey belle uses clean, natural, and organic ingredients, and create them in small-batches in our micro-factory in Southern California.

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