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Spotlight on Scents

Fall is a great time to start bringing favorite perfumes back into my daily rotation. During the summer it can get a bit too overwhelming to wear a heavy scent but cozy sweaters are an excellent pair for flowery, citrusy or earthy scents. 

Here are a few of my favorites. 

Travel Friendly Finds

Coa Beauty Travel Finds
It's back to school time and while it's exciting to go back to the regular routine its also when I streamline my routine. We here at Coa Beauty are very familiar with the back to school routine since we have worked in the field for the past five years. We know what works, simple and clean looks that are going to last till the end of the day. To stay sane during the school year I follow two simple rules. Keep it simple and multi stack whenever possible. 

Meet the Makers! Live Beautifully

Meet the Makers! Live Beautifully
Live beautifully was built by a husband and wife team Nicole and Aaron Wildesin. They lead a team that handcrafts there products in the Rocky mountains in Colorado. Live Beautifully is paraben free, preservative free, and sulphate free brand. All of their products are 100% natural, cruelty free, gmo free, and many products are certified organic.

Real Luxe: Non-Toxic Manicure

Real Luxe: Non-Toxic Manicure
I have a confession. I do not like going to get my nails done. Now don't get me wrong, I love spending time with friends, and feeling pampered. The...

Meet the Makers! Trust Fund Beauty

Coa Beauty Trust Fund Beauty
As Samara's mother battled cancer and underwent treatment she looked for ways to cheer herself up while dealing with not only the day to day battle but all the side affects of chemotherapy. One of those side effects were brittle yellow nails which she hoped to hide with a good nail polish. Sadly, at the time there were few brands that could offer a formula that was non-toxic and safe to use. And out of those brands none of them fit the personality of Samara and her mother. They wanted colors that were bold and fashion forward as well as names that ignited their sense of humor. 

Meet the Makers! Doc Spartan

Man Scrub Invader Coffee Scrub Doc Spartan
Doc Spartan is a proud veteran owned and American Made company. It was developed by friends Dave and Rene when Dave approached Rene with help with creating an ointment for everyday cuts and scrapes that would fit the needs of his military buddies. Rene, a single mother of three, was already creating her own natural lotions and creams. Their partnership developed the Doc Spartan Combat Ready Cream. From there they expanded their brand to include scrubs, hair care products, aluminum free deodorants and more. 

Nighttime Skin Routine

Nighttime Skin Routine
Skin Type: Dry with a sometimes oily T-Zone Concerns: Wrinkles, aging skin, acne   Cleanse: Honey Belle Sea Salt Facial Bar or Honey Belle Facial...

Daytime Skin Routine

Daytime Skin Routine
Changing my routine to be more gentle on my skin and on the environment, featuring organic products that absorb quickly, aren't greasy and play nice with my makeup.

Meet the Makers! Seraphine Botanicals

Seraphine Botanicals Coa Beauty

Coa Beauty: Meet the Makers!

Seraphine Cosmetics is a UK based and manufactured line of color cosmetics and skin care that is comited to being plant based, cruelty free, and sourced sustainably and responsibly.